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I have received quite a lot comments about broken download links beku I am very sorry to say that my MEGA account was terminated several months ago, which came as a terrible shock to me OH-BlackH I was really depressed and unmotivated as I had spent almost a year to build up my own collection of videos/audios about Benedict Cumberbatch, and now they’re all gone OH-Roh I know you all really long for the download links, but it will take a great amount of time to re-upload those files mati1 I hope you guys can be patiently waiting for me jgn


This time, I will choose a host site called Fshare from my country (Vietnam). Perhaps, the connection speed would be slow for foreign people, but it will save me a lot of time for uploading desp Thus, I hope you guys will wait for me waw I will update the download links right in this notice.

Thank you so much for loving BenC & visiting my personal blog. Love you guys.


  1. The Ellen Degeneres Show
  2. Cabin Pressure (ss 1 – 4)
  3. Sherlock Uncovered – Episode 1- The Return (by PBS)
  4. Sherlock Uncovered – Episode 2- The Women (by PBS)
  5. Sherlock Uncovered – Episode 3- The Villains (by PBS)
  6. Sherlock – 1×00 – Unaired Pilot
  7. Stuart A Life Backwards 2007 720p
  8. Fortysomething
  9. Sherlock season III special extras (1/3)
  10. Sherlock season III special extras (3/3)
  11. Sherlock season I – Unlocking (720p Update)
  12. The Other Ohleyn Girl
  13. Hawking (BBC)
  14. To the ends of the earth – BBC Miniseries
  15. Parade’s End
  16. The Metamorphosis – Kafka
  17. Van Gogh – Painted with Words (BBC)
  18. Heartbeat (2000)

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