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[SANEDICT’s] Sherlock IV Ep 1 – The Six Thatchers (vietsub)


Name: [SANEDICT’s] Sherlock IV Ep 1 – The Six Thatchers (vietsub)

Translators: T.s.a.n, O.s.a.n, [SAN+] Lan Khanh Ngo, [SAN+] Mỹ Nguyễn, [SAN+] My Ngô

Editors: s.A.n, O.s.a.n, s.a.N

Timer + Typesetter + Encoder: S.a.n

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I have received quite a lot comments about broken download links beku I am very sorry to say that my MEGA account was terminated several months ago, which came as a terrible shock to me OH-BlackH I was really depressed and unmotivated as I had spent almost a year to build up my own collection of videos/audios about Benedict Cumberbatch, and now they’re all gone OH-Roh I know you all really long for the download links, but it will take a great amount of time to re-upload those files mati1 I hope you guys can be patiently waiting for me jgn


This time, I will choose a host site called Fshare from my country (Vietnam). Perhaps, the connection speed would be slow for foreign people, but it will save me a lot of time for uploading desp Thus, I hope you guys will wait for me waw I will update the download links right in this notice.

Thank you so much for loving BenC & visiting my personal blog. Love you guys.


  1. The Ellen Degeneres Show
  2. Cabin Pressure (ss 1 – 4)
  3. Sherlock Uncovered – Episode 1- The Return (by PBS)
  4. Sherlock Uncovered – Episode 2- The Women (by PBS)
  5. Sherlock Uncovered – Episode 3- The Villains (by PBS)
  6. Sherlock – 1×00 – Unaired Pilot
  7. Stuart A Life Backwards 2007 720p
  8. Fortysomething
  9. Sherlock season III special extras (1/3)
  10. Sherlock season III special extras (3/3)
  11. Sherlock season I – Unlocking (720p Update)
  12. The Other Ohleyn Girl
  13. Hawking (BBC)
  14. To the ends of the earth – BBC Miniseries
  15. Parade’s End
  16. The Metamorphosis – Kafka
  17. Van Gogh – Painted with Words (BBC)
  18. Heartbeat (2000)

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Guide to Homage Watches: Breguet Classique Vs. Raymond Weil Maestro

The Monsieur

Homages. They’re often a point of contention; to a watch snob- there’s a thin (mostly non existent) line between a homage watch and a cheap fake (some might be expensive but seriously, they’re all cheap copies); to others and dependent on where you fall on the watch connoisseur spectrum, you’re either a collector who appreciates the design of an out of production watch manufacture collection or someone who loves a brand but can ill afford a luxury investment. This guide isn’t a reproach and will not take a stand on the legitimacy or perceived lack thereof of a homage watch but I will say this- there are points in a man’s life where he would (and should) have bigger priorities beyond himself- let that be a guide to how much you are willing to spend.

Sherlock’s Breguet Classique 4940

I call it Sherlock’s Breguet Classique only because I’m a fan…

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[Lảm nhảm-ing] It’s all for you, Sherlock ♥

À thì cũng chẳng có gì đặc biệt, chỉ là mới ngó qua điểm môn Văn học Anh-Mỹ, cuối kỳ bọn mình phải nộp 1 bài phân tích tác phẩm, thế là mình chọn ngay The Hound of the Baskervilles của Sir Arthur Conan Doyle để mổ xẻ í mà :3 Thực tình là ngoài bộ Sherlock Holmes ra mình đọc rất ít các tác phẩm tiểu thuyết nước ngoài ~~ Thế là ko còn cách nào khác phải phân tích SH thôi (đặc biệt mình thích nhất The Hound) ~~ Hầy, cũng may là năm trc đi hội sách có đem về quyển The Hound of the Baskervilles & The Valley of Fear của Wordsworth Classics xuất bản, thành ra là có tác phẩm gốc để trích, lại còn quote đc mấy câu bình luận chất lừ của bác David Stuart Davies nữa chứ, thế là đem thẳng vào bài cho thêm phong phú =)) Cũng phải cảm ơn chú Google cùng hệ thống Sherlockian đã có những bài review rất chất ♥

Đại loại đc 9 điểm, quá là cao so với một đứa văn ko hay mà chữ lại còn dốt như mình :3 Yay~ Coi như tình cảm với Sherlock Holmes của bé Lil Qcumber đã đc đền đáp *tung tim* *nhảy tưng tưng*

Còn đây là bài viết của mình, post lên coi như làm kỉ niệm ♥

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